Our passion.

The agricultural company “Villa Lazzarini” owes its name to the place where it arose his wine business, which until 2009 was owned by the family lazzarini. Counts Lazzarini settled in the Marche very long time ago. Perhaps, since the year 1000 and with certainty from 1247 as shown by the plaque found in Morrovalle of Macerata from which it is possible to ensures that the Morro Castle Valley was in the possession of Count Lazzarino (information taken from “The Lazzarini accounts of Morrovalle “by Lanfranco Lazzarini).


The same Lazzarini around the first half of ‘800 owned the land and a villa in the district of “Cimarella” currently owned by our Azienda Agricola Villa Lazzarini. The corporate brand with two stylized dolphins in a modern style inside a shield are showing the origins and historical value of those places. The agricultural company Villa Lazzarini was born in 2009 and then with the passion for wine of its protagonists, determined to realize the dream of its wine production capitalizing on the experience gained in farming from some of their parents.


The objective is the enhancement of the original vines in the Macerata area but also with the same footprint ot the territory the caracterization of others kind of wines. Our philosophy is based on a production of high quality wines of, in fully respecting the environment and nature. The management of the vineyard is in fact only manual, so as to maintain the integrity of the landscape, while the wine is made using traditional methods which highlights the characteristics of the grapes produced. Passing the wineyard rows, anyone can notice the mowing of grass and the remains of pruning used as natural fertilizers that help prevent soil erosion and attest to the exclusion of herbicides.