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Our choices for the production are based on a full respect for the ancient native vines and on the collaboration with our enologist, so each wine reproduces the character, the strength and the pleasentness of its homeland: Sangiovese, Lacrima, Montepulciano, Merlot, Petit Verdot for red wines, Chardonnay, Maceratino, Incrocio Bruni and Garofanata for white wines. In 2013 there was our first grape harvest, just red grapes, covering 4 hectars, but, this year, we collected white grapes too (the remaining 4 hectars) whit which we’ll reach an annual production of about 70.000 bottles.


Rosso Giulara Villa LazzariniRosso Fontebiga Villa LazzariniRosso Giulara Villa Lazzarini

Bianco Marì Villa LazzariniBianco Vellente Villa LazzariniBianco Vellente Villa Lazzarini



Bianco Vellente 2016

Bianco Vellente 2016



Vellente Brut